Regnum Online – A “Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game” ~

There are 3 boss realms in the basic apple of Regnum – the icy authority of Alsius, area the chunky dwarves, able bodies and the abstruse Utghars dwell. The arid wastelands of Ignis are the home of angry aphotic elves practising the banned art of necromancy. The branch Syrtis is the backwoods lands, area copse elves and bodies reside affably together.Choose a appearance and a race. Equip yourself with weapons, armour and commence on a chance abounding with fantasy and baleful battles adjoin your enemies.

Regnum online agnate to the accepted online amateur like Warcraft Online and Everquest 2. All you accept to do to get started, is to download the applicant software, install it on your computer and actualize an annual online.Then advance to the login-page and activate your chance in the basic apple of Regnum Online. There are abounding altered contest to play: Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Aphotic Elves, etc.Each chase has different abilities that are reflected in their antecedent aspect array as able-bodied as some congenital abilities. After accepting best a favourite race, you’ll accept to adjudge on an adapted class.Dwarves and bodies tend to accomplish acceptable warriors absorption on arduous force rather than abracadabra and finesse.Elves, on the added hand, are nimble, adroit and bewitched of attributes – they are accordingly absolute candidates for the archer, hunter or archimage classes.

After accepting created your appearance you’re accessible to activate adventuring with added than 100.000 added players.Regnum Online offers you endless of adventures and added than 100 quests in anniversary realm. Team up with added players, actualize a affair and go hunting monster, acquisition treasures, acquire acquaintance and adore as your appearance advances in level.Regnum Online is chargeless bold with hours of fun apprehension you!